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Cemlab - A Few Words about Us

EMF Surveys, Bau Biologie, EMF Consultancy in Italy

Cemlab was founded by an electrical engineer, Davide Maria Palio, backed by over fifteen years of work experience in the telecommunications industry.   
We have extensive experience of the technologies and protocols used in the telecommunications equipment and in their radio interfaces, an experience that is essential in dealing with both narrow-band EMF measurements and in providing effective advice in order to find the most appropriate mitigating factors, where necessary.
All our staff members are skilled engineers and competent in the area of measurement.
We operate our electromagnetic measurement services with professional-grade instrumentation, and are skilled in Bau Biologie protocols and techniques. We are also able to provide electromagnetic measurement services against the limits of italian law, with official measurement protocols, analogously to local control authorities, when required.
In Italy, environmental impacts are generally taken in little account and this is particularly the case of electrosmog environmental issues. We accept no work orders from public utility operators, that is of significant importance when it comes to independence level we can ensure to our clients.

We are fluent in English language and will provide written reports in English language at no additional cost, upon request.

Other areas of our services portfolio include EMF simulation, local council counselling, workplaces assessments, electrical safety compliance assessment and verifications.
Cemlab is based in Catania, Sicily, Italy. We are able to serve the entire italian territory (both northern and southern sides) and Malta and will be happily provide consultancy work for clients who are located abroad.

Please contact us, we may help.
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