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Intervista a Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt

Inviato: 28/08/2018, 23:36
da Cemlab-2

Dr. Klinghardt's Most Important Talk: "Exposure to WiFi & EMF's - Root Cause of Health Problems" - 11 minuti, sottotitoli automatici in inglese attivabili.

"Bene, posso sintetizzare in una sola frase: è l'esposizione a Wi-Fi, ai campi elettromagnetici in cui siamo immersi ora e che sono in continuo aumento che hanno mostrato di scatenare i retrovirus".

"[...] This is probably the most important lecture that I have ever given in my life. It sums up all the experience that I have had and will introduce you to an inexpensive healing tool that you probably have not heard about. We have an onslaught of chronic illness in our time. The health span — the years we spend in good health — is dramatically shortening every year and the key cause of that are chronic neurological illnesses such as Alzheimer's Disease; in children, Autism, behavioral problems, learning problems, ADHD. In adults, it's chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis, ALS, Parkinson's, and so forth. In the 1980s, we thought we found a solution for it by diagnosing candida and mold as the underlying cause of illnesses. Then we discovered in the 1990s that there is a deeper reason for the breakdown of the immune system and looked at the Herpes viruses — Epstein Barr, cytomegalo, Herpes Type 6, and so forth. And then in the early part of this century, we discovered Lyme Disease as the real cause of illness that was found before and tried to address the chronic illnesses by addressing Lyme Disease. That was quite successful in some cases, but for increasing numbers of people, it is no longer successful. Ad so through the work of some brilliant, brilliant researchers, Frank Rusceti, Judy Mikovits, we found that the deeper cause of illnesses are the human endogenous retroviruses. These are viruses deeply embedded in the DNA for probably millions of years. And they have been silenced by our different wonderful administrative mechanisms that we have in our cells, largely its methylation and acetylation — so some of you, some of the practitioners got lost in the area of methylation, DNA methylation, and other issues connected to the DNA. But the real culprit is that these retroviruses, once they are unleashed, once they are self-duplicating, cause symptoms very similar to AIDs, we refer to it as AIDs minor. People have chronic fatigue, they lose weight, they have food allergies, leaky gut, they have inflammation in the brain. It looks like their entire system is on fire and when we look a little deeper, we find all the infections I mentioned before. But at the deepest level we find the retroviruses. And now the search was on, how to treat them, how to silence them again. What is unleashing them? Well, I can sum it up in one sentence: 'It's the exposure to WiFi radiation, the electromagnetic fields that we are bathed in now that are ever-increasing that have been shown to unleash the retroviruses.' Also, a number of environmental toxins have damaged our natural immune system...."